Circus Escape Room at Escapee in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

The Circus

Everybody loves the circus – it’s a fun day out with family and friends, which is how you ended up going to what you thought was a place alive with laughter and joy.

Yet, you got there only to discover the place was closed down and it looked abandoned. You found it hard to believe, because you convinced your friends to come, so thinking that there might be some kind of explanation you went to the ticketing booth… the door slammed shut behind you.

Laughter filled the air, but not the fun kind. The killer clown kind and its coming closer.

You and your friends have to get out if you don’t want to meet those killer clowns. Solve the puzzles, follow the clues, and escape the ticketing room.

You’ll find the make-up room, more clues more puzzles and the clock is ticking while the clowns keep laughing. Sinister, dark and evil.

When you escape the make-up room you’re not clear yet – you’ll stumble into a hell of endless mirrors. If, and only if, you can escape the mirror room, you will be on stage – your last chance to perform.

Will you beat the clock and escape The Circus before the killer clowns catch up?

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Suggested Group
2 - 6 pax
Weekdays & Before 6pm
Weekend, PH & after 6pm
With valid ID, Mon - Thu, Excl. PH, Only Before 6pm
Children 6 yrs old & under